At our dessert lounge, the dress code is more than just a guideline; it's an essential part of creating an atmosphere as exquisite as the desserts we serve. By embracing a sophisticated chic dress code, we foster an environment where elegance meets comfort, allowing our patrons to immerse themselves in a refined experience. This approach not only complements the unique ambiance of our lounge but also ensures that every visit remains a special occasion. Our commitment to maintaining high standards through our dress code reflects our dedication to excellence, enhancing overall enjoyment and setting the tone for memorable moments. It's about bringing together a community that appreciates the finer things in life, where each detail adds to the tapestry of a delightful evening.

  • Proper attire required. Please wear something sophisticated chic. No bright club wear. Footwear needs to be classy, no flip-flops, crocs, or colorful/worn sneakers.
  •  No graphic tees, sportswear, scrubs, shorts, or tank tops. If it's not a fedora, top hat, or newsboy hat, please remove it.
  • No shorts anytime other than summer.
  • No ripped jeans or shorts, rompers, swim trunks, overalls, or cargo pants.
  • It's sexy in here; but please, no sexy time.
  • Please speak easy. Keep your voice at a reasonable level. Kindly refrain from hooting or hollering.
  • Our libations are rather potent. If you find yourself consumed in too much giggle water, we must ask you to dry up. If you do not have your own chauffeur, we will gladly call you one.
  • Keep it civil. No fisticuffs will be tolerated.
  • When you decide to get a wiggle on, all liquor is to remain inside the establishment. Drink up or leave it.